Granite Countertops

Granite begins as large igneous stone deposits. It consists of several different minerals which give it its various colorations. It comes out of the ground quite rough, but in the finishing process it is cut and polished into what we recognize as the slabs that we cut into countertops.

There are numerous benefits to choosing granite for your countertop in your home. Granite offers an unmatched durability with stain, scratch, and chip resistance. Each slab is unique with its own colorations, movement, and veining. This gives you the opportunity to find the piece that matches your kitchen or bath design perfectly.

Come explore our showroom which features 30+ slabs of natural stones and remnants for your smaller projects (minimums do apply).

Granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, however, there are many other opportunities for it throughout your home, including:

  • Granite kitchen islands
  • Granite backsplashes
  • Granite vanity tops
  • Granite fireplace mantles
  • Granite desktops and tabletops
  • Granite basins and sinks