Quartz Countertops

Quartz is engineered in highly sophisticated and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities across the world. It is made up of natural crushed quartz with resin and polymers in a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% compounds and pigments, giving the stone its color and style.

Common quartz styles are in grays and whites and in many instances are manufactured to give the appearance, softness and warmth of some of the finest Italian marbles in the market. Visit our showroom to see the many quartz samples we have available.

What makes Quartz the hottest countertop on the market?

  • Natural scratch resistance
  • Natural stain resistance
  • Never requires polishing
  • Never requires sealant
  • Naturally non-porous – bacteria resistant
  • Flexible qualities ease installation
  • Does not fade in color over time
  • Extreme durability